How it works:

In a cooperative preschool, parents play an essential role in the school’s success. At Sunrise, your responsibilities include:

  • When classes are online:
    • Picking up a materials bag weekly
    • Sanitizing and returning reusable take-home class materials.
  • When classes are in-person:
    • Helping in the classroom about twice a month. We have parent stations in the art/science room, snack area, blocks/dramatic play area, gym and woodshop/library.
    • Providing snacks several times a year (about once every six weeks)
  • Attending mandatory monthly meetings and participating in the business of the preschool
  • Taking on an administrative job: serving on the board, fundraising,  taking pictures, making play-dough, etc.

The best part of a coop preschool experience is having your child clearly receive this message: “My school is so important, my parents give it the most precious commodity they have – their time and attention.”

What your child will experience at a coop preschool:

Preschool days are full of learning and exploration. Children are guided by our trained, experienced teachers, with the parents assisting. Your child will sing songs, listen to stories, create art, practice drawing and writing, build with blocks, engage in pretend play, explore new materials and experiences, learn pre-academic skills that form the foundations of mathematical and scientific learning, play outside and in the gym, go on field trips, make new friends, build social skills, and get excited about learning and about school.

Our program is play-based, because brain development research shows children learn skills and retain information best through hands-on exploration in places where they feel safe and free to explore. Our classroom has several stations around the room, with developmentally appropriate activities to help kids build the skills they need. Children are encouraged to move around and explore at their own pace.

Class also includes “circle time” where our teacher leads the class in singing songs, practicing social skills, reading stories and developing early literacy skills. This is a chance for children to practice sitting still, listening to a teacher, and participating in a group activity, all essential skills for kindergarten readiness.

Our online program incorporates nearly all of the same concepts and skills as our in-person classroom.

What you will experience:

At Sunrise, both parents and children learn by doing.

When you work with kids in the classroom, you develop a better understanding of your own child(ren) and other children: what’s developmentally appropriate, how temperament affects each child, and how social interactions between children play out. Teacher Karen and Teacher Mary assist parents in guiding children’s age appropriate activities and in ways to support children’s learning. Parents are encouraged to continue to develop concepts and experiences with their own children at home.

Research clearly indicates meaningful parent involvement in schools is one of the most powerful predictors of high student achievement and healthy development. During the early years, there is no better way to begin this involvement than by joining a Cooperative Preschool Program.

Parents also attend monthly parent education classes. They are held in the evening directly following the monthly business meeting for the coop. They include lectures, videos, and discussion groups on topics such as:

  • Developmental milestones
  • Children’s emotions
  • Sibling rivalry
  • Discipline
  • Family communication
  • Early learning, literacy, and school readiness

Through these activities, parents get to know each other and form a close community of support.