Learning Environment

A cooperative program provides a healthy, safe, and varied environment in which children can develop socially, physically, emotionally, and intellectually. It also provides the enhancement and nurturing of parent-child relationships through parent to parent interaction, parent to child interaction, and by providing resources to the parents including a Parent Education Class and a Parent Educator to answer questions on site! Our co-op preschool is one in which the parents assume the many responsibilities of the administration of the preschool, in addition to taking an active part in the classroom as teaching assistants. This gives parents the opportunity to stay involved with their children's early education.


Our unique program

We provide a stimulating, hands on learning environment where children are excited about learning more about the world Teachers work with the children in small groups daily focusing on specific skills. Because parents work in the classroom, the adult/child ratio is always low. This allows the teacher to spend more time interacting with the students! Parent Educators offer individualized developmental assessments for all children in the program. The parents are also students, with their own "Parent Education" instructor who provides instruction, guidance, and support through classroom observation time and in the monthly parent meetings.


Our philosophy

We believe children are naturally eager, self-motivated, and competent learners. they are active participants in theri own learning and benefit from the guidance of knowledgeable and caring adults.



  • "I honestly don't feel that I can say enough about the benefits of Sunrise and a co-op. Not only did it bolster my daughter's confidence, but it prepared her for kindergarten as well. Kindergarten follows so closely all the general focuses and ideas that you taught in Sunrise that the minute she walked in the door of kindergarten, she felt right at home."

  • "My child learned independence and self-management skills at Sunrise that have greatly benefited her in her schooling today.The choices we have made in her education are in direct relation to the strong beginnings we found at Sunrise."

  • "My son's three years at Sunrise increased his social skills ten fold. He is eager to learn and always looked forward to going to his Sunrise school."

  • "Sunrise planted the seed that learning is fun. The parent education piece at Sunrise taught me a lot about myself and my children."