Class Descriptions

Morning Preschool for ages 3 and 4

This is a combined age class with both three and four year olds attending.  Mixed age classes create and amazing learning opportunity.  This class will give your children a chance to mentor and be mentored by, their peers.  Class structure will include open exploration time, story time, music, a sit down snack time, and outside play.

This class is taught by Teacher Karen and Assistant Teacher Mary and parent volunteers in the classroom.  Parents are responsible for being in class as a teacher helper approximately twice a month.  Parents are also responsible for bringing snack for the class on a rotating basis. Monthly parent education classes are held once per month in the evening.

STEAM Kids extended learning time

STEAM Kids is a project-based, enrichment add-on class for regular morning preschool families, open to ages 3 and 4. Each child brings their own lunch, which we eat together as we discuss the current project.  Each month we have a different theme for our projects, such as:

  • Science
  • Technology
  • Engineering
  • Art
  • Math
  • Kitchen skills
  • Inventing
  • Drama and storytelling
  • Structures

Friday 4s

On Friday, only the four-year old’s attend class. We will work on pre-k skills through hands-on, natural, outside activities. We go outside each Friday, taking ownership of our neighborhood and observing changes and growth through year long observation projects.

Each Friday, the children will be given a “prompt” or “challenge” for our outside directed learning. Upon returning to the classroom, we will discuss and document our findings in our Nature Journals. The remainder of class will be spent in free exploration or working on a teacher led activity that supports the learning completed outside.

Toddler Class for age 2

Parents attend with their 2-year-old child every week for a two-hour class. Your child will get exposed to all the activities that will prepare him or her for preschool, including paint, play-dough, imaginative play with friends her age, story-time, songs, and a little rambunctious play.

Every other week you and half the parents meet with the parent education instructor for discussion and support while the other parents are with the children and their teachers. Parents are also responsible for bringing snack for the class on a rotating basis (approx. 3 times per year).